Antique & Furniture Restoration


" restoring is not a job,
it is a passion."

Pierre Gaillot by grandfather clock restored


Wood, as a raw and noble material, has been shaped and crafted for centuries. It is alive with the promise of amazing creations. Loving the feel, warmth and smell of wood, I am passionate about woodwork - making or restoring is not a job, it is a passion. My aim is to share this emotion in restoring and extending the life of your objets d'art, which have travelled through history, and sometimes even been owned by important personalities.



Bonjour, je m'appelle Pierre Gaillot.

Aged 16, I left France to study as a Cabinet Maker in Tournai (Belgium) where I acquired the skills and techniques of working wood, specialising in marquetry. I graduated from the University of Paris in History of Art.

I have developed my expertise in antique restoration in several workshops, both in France and the UK and have a constant desire to increase and diversify my skills. I have turned my hand to many aspects of restoration, such as repairing chandeliers, re-lining the interior of jewellery boxes and musical instruments, particularly keyboards.

I was fortunate to be part of a team that brought back to life an Erard Frères grand piano (1802) which once belonged to Anne Angélique de Mackau, part of Napoleon's entourage.
One of the most peculiar items of furniture I have worked on, would have to be Nelson's private washstand from his cabin in H.M.S Victory - you see, I do not hold grudges!

Nevertheless, I still very much enjoy restoring traditional items of furniture and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and wishes with you in person.

Erard Frères grand piano, Anne Angélique de Mackau, Napoléon
Grand piano from the collection of Eric Feller, Germany

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